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Technical Highlights

Video conference system office 1

  • Full HD video broadcast worldwide
  • Possibility to hold a HD video conference via ISDN for remote Areas
  • Data access, i.e. external connection by notebook, DVD-player etc. can also be transferred
  • State of the art video conference room 
  • Conference room telephone for good voice Transmission 
  • Bose sound system
  • No latency for recording and replay 
  • Easy to handle

Multimedia based whiteboard (Promethean)

  • Usable in conference room 3 or 4
  • Interactive 95“ whiteboard (to be used with specific pin or finger) – external dimensions (width 2336 mm x height 1990 mm) (incl. foot and beamer), mobile. 
  • Use of your own laptop (simple installation of complimentary Promethean software is necessary). 
  • Laptop placement area on the side incl. laptop with office programs + small collateral mobile whiteboard without interactivity 
  • Integrated Speakers 
  • DSL internet Access 
  • Short distance beamer with multi touch function (pen or finger)
  • Full HD solution (1920 x 1080 pixel)
  • easy to handle
Konferenzraum 4

Digital labelling system

  • Server based digital labelling System 
  • To be used for customized advertising and information signposting 
  • Compatible with all current formats for Power Point and picture format as jpg, png., ppt. 
  • Playable company-owned promotional films in HD 16:9 or 16:10 
  • Full use of the advertising panels in the three in-house guests lifts
  • In-house channel (own channel for the rooms) centrally controllable 
  • Timely automatic changes possible of the adjusted sign Posts 
  • The conference rooms can be digitally labelled until the door, fitted to customer’s needs and company logo
  • Panels are available from 15“ to 55“
  • All path ways are appointed so that advertisement and signposts are possible at all important intersections in the house.
Digitales Beschilderungssystemzoom

Positioning of signposting

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